Mag-Aso Falls Bohol: Complete Guide

Mag-Aso Falls is one of the many waterfalls you’ll find on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. This scenic spot is a must-visit destination on your Bohol itinerary, especially if you’re staying in the tourist area of Panglao. I’ve prepared an in-depth travel guide that covers everything you need to know about visiting Mag Aso Falls in Bohol.

Clear water pouring down rocks into a pool.
Mag-Aso Falls Bohol

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Where is Mag-Aso Falls Located?

Mag-Aso Falls is located in the Antequera region on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Being on the western side of the island, it’s a great destination to visit from the tourist area of Panglao as it’s not very far away. Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol is definitely a destination that should be added to your Bohol itinerary.

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How to Get to Mag-Aso Falls from Panglao

From the popular tourist area of Alona Beach on Panglao island, you have a few options to get to Mag Aso falls. You can hire a private driver, take a tour from one of the many operators, or instead, as I always like to suggest, you can rent a motorbike and drive there yourself!

Renting a motorbike is a good option because it gives you the freedom to stop at other tourist spots on the way like Kawasan Falls Bohol or Camugao Falls. You can easily include those aforementioned waterfalls on your trip to Mag-Aso Falls Bohol and that’s exactly what I did. More info on that later in this article.

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Regardless of the method you choose to visit Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol, the fastest way to get there is via driving through the interior of Panglao, passed the airport. From there you will head through the main town of Tagbilaran and continue North up the coast of Bohol.

From Alona Beach it’s a 1-hour drive (23mi/37km) in each direction and the road is paved the whole way until a short section to get to the main parking lot.

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How to Get to Mag Aso Falls from Tagbilaran

Tagbilaran is the closest tourist area to Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol. From the tourist ferry port head North on the highway and then turn right onto Maribojoc-Antequera-Catagbacan Rd (Yes, that’s the actual name). You’ll arrive at a small town called Antequera and Mag-Aso Falls is not far from there.

Tagbilaran likely doesn’t have as many tours available as Alona Beach, so your best bet is to hire a taxi or rent a motorbike at the ferry port. Renting a motorbike at the tourist ferry port costs 200PHP / $3USD per day. The drive to Mag-Aso Falls from Tagbilaran will take just 34-minutes and is 12mi/20km in each direction.

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How to Get to Mag-Aso Falls from Anda Beach

Anda Beach is the farthest tourist area from Mag Aso Falls in Bohol, by a long shot. I wouldn’t recommend visiting this waterfall from Anda Beach unless you have no other choice. If you are going from Anda Beach you should definitely check out Kawasan Falls Bohol on the way!

From the Anda Beach resort area you can either head West along the Southern coast of Bohol or go through the mountains in the interior. Both options will take around 2h30min (74mi/120km) in each direction so plan to leave early. I’d suggest doing a loop trip through both the interior and the coast. This way you can get the best of both worlds and also visit the Chocolate Hills.

Again, I would not recommend this unless it’s your only choice as it’s pretty far. If you’re staying in the Anda Beach area I’d suggest checking out Can-Umantad Falls instead as it’s a lot closer, and debatably better.

Entrance Fee & Hiking to Mag-Aso Falls

As with most of the Bohol waterfalls, there will be a small entrance fee of 50PHP / $1USD per person which is not a big deal – it’s basically free! You can park your motorbike or car in the parking lot and pay the fee at the booth onsite.

From the parking lot it’s roughly a 10-minute walk down to the waterfall. This trail is well maintained and is usually a paved concrete path with concrete stairs. I say “usually” because when we visited Mag Aso Falls in Bohol it was shortly after a typhoon that demolished some of the trail. Watch your step and be careful because it can get quite slippery.

What to Expect at Mag-Aso Falls Bohol

View of a waterfall and rock cliffs.
Blue pool to swim in

Mag Aso Falls isn’t the tallest waterfall in Bohol, but it makes up for it with its signature Philippine-style blue pool. The swimming pool at the bottom of Mag-Aso Falls is a great spot to hang out. There is a small cliff you can jump off on the right side but do so at your own risk as it’s not very deep. This is truly one of the best tourist spots in Bohol.

On the main trail there’s a lookout point that you can take photos of the falls from. There’s also some huts and change rooms at the bottom.

When we visited we were the only people here but I’ve heard it gets quite busy here. I’d suggest trying to visit Mag Aso Falls in Bohol early in the morning and not on a weekend, if possible.

Best Time to Visit Mag-Aso Falls Bohol

The best time to visit Mag-Aso Falls Bohol is between December & May. This is because it’s the dry season on the Island of Bohol so you’re most likely to have the best weather. With that being said, if it’s been very dry then the waterfall may not have a strong flow. December would be the optimal time to visit as it’s right after the rainy season. For reference, the photos you see on this post were taken in April.

Nearby Sights & Tourist Attractions in Bohol

White sand beach during sunset.
Alona Beach on Panglao Island

As I mentioned earlier in this article, it’s a good choice to bundle Mag-Aso Falls with a few other waterfalls in Bohol. My exact route was Alona Beach – Mag Aso Falls – Kawasan Falls Bohol – Camugao Falls – Alona Beach. This was done in one full day via a motorbike. Be sure to bring lots of snacks and water if you try this. Also, if you embark on this route be sure to stop and check out the Tarsiers.

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Lastly, some other things to do in Bohol are visit the Chocolate Hills, Can-Umantad Falls, and the Hinagdanan Cave on Panglao.

Tips & Suggestions for Mag-Aso Falls

  • Rent a motorbike: This is so you can travel wherever you want on your trip! I rented a motorbike straight off the ferry in Tagbilaran for 200PHP / $3USD per day. If you can’t rent a motorbike I’d suggest hiring a private driver who can take you to all of the nearby waterfalls.
  • Ask for help: If you’re lost or need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask a local for help! In my experience, Filipinos are very accommodating and will try their best to assist tourists.
  • Bring snacks: You’ll surely get hungry during this trip so pack some snacks and water. There’s a few little villages on the way that you can grab a quick bite.
  • Pack accordingly: If you’ve been to the Philippines before, you’ll know that the weather is unpredictable. So I’d recommend to always bring a rain jacket with you, literally wherever you go.
  • Get a sim card: This will make your trip infinitely easier and they’re very cheap. I got one as soon as I landed in the Philippines. There are a few providers and the one I got was from Smart.
  • Use Maps.Me: Offline maps are a necessity when visiting locations that don’t have cell phone service. I always pin all of my spots on incase of an emergency.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my Mag-Aso Falls travel guide. Bohol is loaded with awesome tourist spots and this is one that certainly should not be missed. I strongly recommend adding this to your Bohol waterfall tour and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a comment below.

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