Kawasan Falls Bohol: Ultimate Travel Guide

Kawasan Falls Bohol is an incredible waterfall on the island of Bohol. In my opinion, it has the bluest water on the island and I can say that it is my favorite Bohol waterfall. Visiting this waterfall makes for a perfect stop on your Bohol waterfall tour, or as a day trip on it’s own!

I’ve prepared an extensive guide to visiting this waterfall that provides you with everything you need to know and more!

Two tiered waterfall with blue water

In this travel guide I will cover:

Where is Kawasan Falls Bohol Located?

Kawasan Falls is located on the western side of Bohol Island in the Balilihan region. This waterfall is a relatively close distance to the popular tourist area of Panglao and makes for a perfect stop on your Bohol waterfall tour!

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How to Get to Kawasan Falls Balilihan Bohol:

How to Get to Kawasan Falls From Panglao

There are two options you can choose from to get to Kawasan Falls Bohol from Panglao Island, specifically Alona Beach. Both options take roughly 1 hour. You can stay along the southern coast of Panglao and head east after the Borja Bridge, then head north directly to the falls (25mi/40km), or drive through the interior of Panglao, crossing the Dauis Bridge and continuing through Tagbilaran (23mi/37km).

My recommendation is to do a loop trip, this way it’s easy to bundle a trip to Kawasan falls with some other nearby waterfalls such as Mag Aso Falls and Camugao Falls. My exact route is as follows: Alona Beach Panglao – Tagbilaran – Mag Aso Falls – Kawasan Falls Bohol – Camugao Falls – Alona Beach. It was definitely an all day trip on a motorbike but not too strenuous. The drive through the countryside is absolutely beautiful and you’ll feel like you’re the only people on the island.

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Best Hostels in Panglao

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Kawasan falls front view.
Front view of waterfall

How to Get to Kawasan Falls From Tagbilaran

The fastest way to get to Kawasan Falls in Bohol is from Tagbilaran City. Head directly North and when the highway forks take the right onto Cortes – Bahilihan – Catigban – Macaas Rd (Yes, that’s the actual name of the road, welcome to the Philippines!).

The travel time from Tagbilaran to Kawasan Falls is 36 minutes (from the Tourist Port) and the distance is 12mi/20km. It is also possible to head East from Tagbilaran but I have not tried that way. The loop trip mentioned in the above section would still be possible from Tagbilaran.

Best Hostel in Tagbilaran:

Best Restaurant in Tagbilaran:

How to Get to Kawasan Falls Bohol From Anda Beach

Anda Beach is the farthest tourist spot from Kawasan Falls. I would not recommend doing this unless you have no choice. The drive from Anda Beach to Kawasan Falls Bohol is 2h20m and 65mi/105km each way. You can drive straight through the mountains in the interior, or along the southern coast of Bohol. Again, I wouldn’t recommend this as it’s so far. I’d suggest you visit Kawasan Falls while you’re staying in Panglao.

Entrance & Hiking to Kawasan Falls in Bohol

Two motorbikes parked in the jungle.
Where we parked our motorbikes

The entrance to this waterfall was slightly tricky to find. We rode our motorbikes as close as possible to the pin on the map above. We reached the end of the road and noticed a small trail at the end. Now, we were here during the pandemic and shortly after a typhoon, so there were not many people around.

We actually rode our motorbikes down the hiking trail until we could go no further (I do not suggest this!). At that point we continued on foot for around 15 minutes, down some hills and past some rice terraces until we reached the river.

You’ll know you made it when you see some structures built alongside the river. At that point follow the river upstream and you’ll soon reach my favorite waterfall in the Philippines, Kawasan Falls Bohol! I’ve heard that usually there will be an entrance fee of 50PHP / $0.85USD but we did not come across anyone asking for entrance fees on our trip here.

What To Expect At Kawasan Falls Bohol

Blue pool at the bottom of a waterfall.
Gatorade pool at the bottom of the waterfall

Kawasan Falls in Bohol is named after the famous Kawasan Falls in Cebu, which is known for it’s Gatorade colored water. After visiting this waterfall I can see why! This waterfall wasn’t massive but the water in the pools below was something from another planet! It looked incredible.

I’ve read other articles and the waterfall appeared to be dried up in the photos. For reference, we were there in April and there was a solid amount of water flowing!

There are some spots to hang out by the river, and you can go swimming in the waterfall, although it’s not very deep. This waterfall reminded me of a smaller Can-Umantad Falls, but without anyone there!

Tall waterfall with blue pool below.
Kawasan Falls Bohol

Tips & Suggestions

Here’s a list of tips and suggestions I’ve made to make your journey to Kawasan Falls as easy as possible:

  • Get a sim card: This will make your trip infinitely easier and they’re very cheap. I got one as soon as I landed in the Philippines. There are a few providers and the one I got was from Smart.
  • Rent a motorbike: This is so you can freely go wherever you want on your journey! I rented a motorbike straight off the ferry in Tagbilaran for 200PHP / $3USD per day. If you can’t rent a motorbike I’d recommend hiring a private driver who can take you to all of the nearby waterfalls.
  • Bring snacks: You’ll surely get hungry during this trip so pack some snacks and water. There’s a few little villages on the way that you can grab a quick bite.
  • Pack accordingly: If you’ve been to the Philippines before, you’ll know that the weather is unpredictable. So I’d recommend to always bring a rain jacket with you, literally wherever you go.
  • Ask for help: If you’re lost or need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask a local for help! In my experience, Filipinos are very accommodating and will try their best to assist tourists.
  • Use the Maps.Me app: This app is the best thing any traveler could have. Offline maps are a necessity when visiting locations that don’t have cell phone service. I always pin all of my spots on maps.me incase of an emergency.

Bohol Packing List

Nearby Sights & Tourist Spots In Bohol

Wide angle of can umantad falls bohol.
Can-Umantad Falls – Another Bohol waterfall

As mentioned previously, it makes a lot of sense to bundle a trip to this water with a few other waterfalls. Nearby waterfalls are Mag-Aso Falls & Camugao Falls. You could also even check out the famous Chocolate Hills on this trip.

Other waterfalls that are a little bit further from Kawasan Falls in Bohol are Can Umantad Falls, Ingkumhan Falls, Dimiao Twin Falls, and Kinahugan Falls.

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One thing I regret not doing, as we drove right past the area, was trying to see the Tarsiers! The Philippine Tarsier is an interesting looking animal that’s native to Bohol and there’s only a couple of locations that you can actually see these creatures.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide on Kawasan Falls Bohol. Going to this waterfall was an amazing experience for me and I hope this guide helps make it a good experience for you as well!

If you have any questions about this waterfall or Bohol in general drop me a comment below and I’d be happy to help! Check out my latest posts here. If you found value from this article please share it!

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