Can Umantad Falls Bohol: Full Guide

Can-Umantad Falls is the most impressive of the Bohol waterfalls. It is the tallest waterfall on the island (60m/200ft) and is located in the Candijay region on the east side of Bohol. It’s undoubtedly one of the best things to do on your island hopping adventures in the Philippines!

I’ve prepared a guide to checking out this waterfall that will provide you with all of the information necessary to visit one of the best waterfalls in the Philippines!

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Table of Contents:

blue pool at the bottom of a waterfall.
Gatorade pool at the bottom of the falls

Where is Can-Umantad Falls Located?

Can Umantad Falls is located on the beautiful island of Bohol in the Philippines. It’s situated in the mountains on the east side of the island in the Candijay region. This waterfall is near the tourist area of Anda and is certainly one of the best tourist spots to travel to in Candijay Bohol!

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How to Get to Can-Umantad Falls:

How to Get to Can-Umantad Falls from Panglao

Panglao, specifically Alona Beach, is one of the farthest drives to Can Umantad Falls. However, I personally did it on a day trip and it was worth it!

If you’re staying on Panglao like most people, you’ll have 3 options to get to Can-Umantad falls:

1. Take a Tour

There are plenty of tours available to Can-Umantad Falls from Panglao, specifically from Alona Beach. You can ask around there and find the tour that suits your needs. The tour will be a full day tour.

2. Hire a Private Transfer

Instead of taking a tour, you can hire a taxi or shuttle driver to take you all the way to the falls, they’ll even wait in the parking lot until you’re done there and drive you back! This is certainly the most expensive option but if you want full control without driving yourself this is a good option instead of taking your own vehicle.

3. Rent a Car or Motorbike

This is the option I’d recommend, because the drive to this Can Umantad Falls is very beautiful and scenic. Additionally, another plus is that you can stop at other locations on the way to make the most of the long drive. I’d suggest stopping at Can-Uba beach. It’s around half-way in between and is right on the highway. It’s a nice little rock beach to take a break!

You can rent a motorbike or car at a few different places in Panglao and shouldn’t have much trouble doing so. The majority of the drive is along the coast and the last bit is an epic ride through the mountains! Unless you’ve driven a motorbike before, I would not recommend doing so for this ride. Not because it’s difficult, just because of the distance and time it takes.

No matter which option you choose it will be a 2hr50m drive (121km/75mi) in each direction. So pack accordingly!

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Best Hostels in Panglao

riding a motorbike in the philippines.
Motorbiking to Can-Umantad Falls

How to Get to Can-Umantad Falls from Tagbilaran:

If you’re in Tagbilaran and want to check out the Can Umantad Waterfall you have 2 options:

1. Taxi or Shuttle

You can hire a taxi or shuttle driver to take you to the falls, they’ll even wait in the parking lot until you’re done there and drive you back! Just tell them that you’re going to Can-Umantad Falls and they’ll know the drill!

2. Rent a Car or Motorbike

Again, this is the option I’d recommend, specifically a motorbike! For this journey you can either go across the island through the mountains or around the southern coast. The inland route takes 2hr23m (89km/55mi) in each direction and you can bundle the ride with visiting the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol!

There’s also a few waterfalls on the way such as Mag Aso falls and Kawasan Falls Bohol. If you want to take the coastal route it’s 2hr33m (108km/67mi) and you can check out a few beaches on the way! You can rent a motorbike right from the ferry port.

Best Hostel in Tagbilaran:

rice fields and mountains in the philippines.
Views from the road

How to Get to Can-Umantad Waterfall from Anda Beach:

Anda Beach is the closest tourist area to Can-Umantad Falls. You can rent a motorbike or hire a driver to take you from your resort, there’s also a few tours that run from Anda! The journey is 52 minutes (34km/21mi) in each direction. Your options from Anda will generally be cheapest from this area, however this is an out of the way area of Bohol compared to Panglao.

standing under a waterfall.
Up close to the waterfall

Hiking to Can-Umantad Falls

You’ve finally made it to the falls! After you arrive at the parking lot and pay the 50PHP / $1USD entrance fee it’s a quick 5-10 minute hike and is well marked. Hiking to the Can-Umantad waterfalls in Bohol is quite easy. Once you get down the hill you’ll be greeted with turquoise water and some awesome photo opportunities.

A guide is not necessary unless you want someone to take photos of you, although they might try to tell you that you need one, you do not.

people hiking to can umantad falls.
Hiking to the waterfall

What to Expect at Can-Umantad Falls

Expect a waterfall of course! Not only is this an epic waterfall, but the insane blue color of the water makes this one of the best waterfalls in all of the Philippines. There are plenty of deep pools to swim and jump in, other smaller waterfalls, and awesome scenery! The pool at the main waterfall isn’t very deep, but you can jump into some of the other ones.

If you want to lounge out and relax there are some tables with umbrellas set up throughout the area. There are some change rooms and bathrooms at Can-Umantad Falls as well.

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Secret Tip: If you go to the main waterfall, check out the small cave behind the falls! It’s not massive, but you can go behind the waterfall and hideout for a bit.

Due to the remoteness of this waterfall, it shouldn’t be overcrowded. There’s a lot of cool spots to check out here so you should have no problem finding your slice of paradise! If you truly want this place to yourself, I’d avoid the weekends and go as early in the morning as possible. The earlier you go the less tourists will be there during your visit.

wide angle of can umantad falls bohol.
Blue pool at Can-Umantad Falls

Tips & Suggestions

Here’s a list of tips and suggestions I’ve made for your journey to Can-Umantad Falls:

  • Get a sim card: This will make your trip infinitely easier and they’re very cheap. I got one as soon as I landed in the Philippines. There are a few providers and the one I got was from Smart.
  • Pack accordingly: If you’ve been to the Philippines before, you’ll know that the weather is unpredictable. So I’d recommend to always bring a rain jacket with you, literally wherever you go.
  • Bring snacks: You’ll surely get hungry during this trip so pack some snacks and water. There’s a few little villages on the way that you can grab a quick bite.
  • Rent a motorbike: This is so you can freely go wherever you want on your journey! I rented a motorbike straight off the ferry in Tagbilaran for 200PHP / $3USD per day. If you can’t rent a motorbike I’d recommend hiring a private driver who can take you to all of the nearby waterfalls.
  • Use the Maps.Me app: This app is the best thing any traveler could have. Offline maps are a necessity when visiting locations that don’t have cell phone service. I always pin all of my spots on maps me incase of an emergency.
  • Ask for help: If you’re lost or need assistance, don’t be afraid to ask a local for help! In my experience, Filipinos are very accommodating and will try their best to assist tourists.

Nearby Sights & Tourist Areas in Bohol

two tiered waterfall with blue water
Kawasan Falls Bohol – Another epic spot

If you make the journey to Can Umantad Falls be sure to also check out the nearby Cadapdapan Rice Terraces afterwards! They’re very close to the waterfall and are worth stopping to take a quick photo. They were the best rice terraces we came across in Bohol.

Other waterfalls in Bohol are Ingkumhan Falls, Kawasan Falls Bohol, Dimiao Twin Falls, and Mag-Aso Falls. Here’s my post that covers the best 5 waterfalls in Bohol.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my guide on Can-Umantad Falls in Candijay Bohol. It was one of the highlights of our time on the island and one of the best Bohol waterfalls! This waterfall is a must see tourist attraction in Bohol!

If you have any questions about this waterfall or Bohol in general leave me a comment below and I’d be happy to help you out! Check out my latest posts here.

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