Angel Billabong Nusa Penida: Full Guide

Angel Billabong Nusa Penida is a natural infinity pool located on Nusa Penida Island near Bali. This pool is a natural wonder created when the waves crash into the pool at high tide, and the water stays inside the pool as the tide lowers. This created the natural infinity pool that is Angels Billabong! In this guide I will cover everything you need to know about this unique Bali tourist spot and provide some of the best things to do on Nusa Penida.

View of Angel Billabong Nusa Penida from the cliffs above.

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Where is Angel Billabong Nusa Penida Located?

Angel Billabong is located on the western tip of Nusa Penida, an island in Indonesia. This attraction is close to the popular tourist area of Tojapakeh. If you’re traveling around Nusa Penida, it’s worth it to stop and check out this natural infinity pool! This is an awesome spot to add to your Bali itinerary, especially if you’re already going to visit the more famous destinations in West Nusa Penida such Kelingking Beach & Broken Beach.

How to Get to Angel Billabong Nusa Penida

Getting to Angel Billabong Nusa Penida is quite easy once you’ve made it to Nusa Penida Island. From the Toya Pakeh Harbor, where the fast ferry from Sanur to Nusa Penida arrives, it’s a 45-minute drive (11mi/18km) in each direction. From the Harbor there will be plenty of people offering motorbike rentals immediately when you disembark from the ferry. This is by far the best way to get to Angel Billabong Nusa Penida. If you’re not comfortable riding a motorbike you can pay a driver at the harbor to take you to Angels Billabong.

There’s also day tours available that usually bundle the trip to Angel Billabong Nusa Penida with other attractions on the island. These are not difficult to find once you get to Nusa Penida Bali. If you want to book a Nusa Penida Tour that departs from Bali on a day trip, that’s very easy as well from Canggu, Ubud, or Kuta!

How do you to Get to Nusa Penida?

Fast Ferry from Sanur to Nusa Penida

Side view of a ferry from Sanur to Nusa Penida
Ferry from Sanur to Nusa Penida

The best way to get to Nusa Penida from Bali is via a fast ferry that goes from Sanur to Nusa Penida. The ferries take 45 minutes each way and are quite large. Because they’re fast ferries, you cannot drive a vehicle on board. The ferries are comfortable and efficient.

Interior of ferry from Sanur to Nusa Penida.
Sanur to Nusa Penida ferry interior

There are many ferry companies offering trips from Sanur to Nusa Penida Island and vice versa. Their services typically run from 7am to 3pm and cost around IDR 150k/$9 USD depending on the boat. To guarantee your spot and the best price, you can book your ferry tickets online here. If you do choose to just show up at the Sanur Port without a ticket, be aware that you’ll be bombarded with pushy salesmen offering you extremely high prices, so be prepared to bargain!

If you are trying to get to Sanur from the main tourist areas of Bali, you can hire a taxi driver to take you to the port. Alternatively, you can book a bus/shuttle online below from IDR 70k/$5 USD:

Ubud to Sanur Bus Tickets
Kuta to Sanur Bus Tickets
Sanur to Nusa Penida Ferry Tickets

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Nusa Penida Road Conditions

Motorbike parked overlooking mountains and ocean on Nusa Penida Island.
Views from the road

The drive to Angels Billabong Nusa Penida is an exciting journey that will take you through winding hills and small villages. There are a few places to stop and get food on the way but I’d recommend loading up on gas and food before you depart from Toya Pakeh.

There are plenty of articles out there that suggest that the Nusa Penida road conditions are horrible and extreme caution needs to be taken. However, as of 2022 this information is outdated and false. I personally drove a motorbike to all of the best Nusa Penida destinations in 2022 and I can tell you that all of the roads on Nusa Penida were paved and in decent shape.

There are a few exceptions such as the short road from the main highway to the Thousand Islands Viewpoint, but for the most part you should have no issues. The main hassle with driving a motorbike on Nusa Penida is getting stuck behind the tourist vans on the tight, winding roads.

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Angel Billabong Nusa Penida Entrance Fee

View of natural infinity pool overlooking ocean.
Angel Billabong Nusa Penida

Angels Billabong Nusa Penida is one of the few tourist sites in Indonesia without an official entrance fee. However, if you’ve come by motorbike or car, there is a IDR 5k/$0.33 USD parking fee to park your vehicle. This parking lot is the entrance to not only Angel Billabong, but Broken Beach as well, which is just a bit further up the trail! There is a small stand selling snacks and drinks at the entrance.

What to Expect at Angel Billabong Nusa Penida

The walk from the parking area to Angel Billabong is a very easy, 10 minute stroll along the beautiful cliffs of Nusa Penida. Once you arrive at the site, you’ll be greeted with crystal clear water in a natural infinity pool! The pool is a nice turquoise blue and you can see all of the coral and colors below if it’s calm. If you arrive at low tide the pool should be perfectly still, like glass. Take care climbing down the rocks to the lower levels, they are quite sharp.

Can you swim in Angels Billabong?

Kind-of. If you plan to arrive here during low tide you can swim. But if you visit Angel Billabong at high tide then you definitely cannot swim, it could literally be lethal to do so. Check the tide chart here. Make sure it is low tide and watch the incoming waves for a few minutes to make sure they aren’t crashing into the pool. When we were swimming in Angel Billabong a huge wave crashed over the edge and washed all of us to the back, dragging us along the razor sharp rocks inside the pool. There are countless videos on social media of this happening to tourists.

I REPEAT: If you happen to see some waves coming into the pool, get out immediately. If you get sucked over the edge of the infinity pool there is no way back so be careful. In the end, it’s just an Instagram photo so unless it’s calm do not enter the pool. Several people have drowned here after being swept out to sea.

Angel billabong with ocean behind it.
We swam here

Best Time To Visit Angel Billabong Nusa Penida

As with most Bali beaches, the best time to visit is during the dry season. The dry season in Bali typically runs from April – October, so I’d suggest visiting Angel Billabong Nusa Penida during this time to ensure the most optimal weather, as clear sky’s will make the pool look even better!

The best time of day to visit this infinity pool is as early in the morning as possible, or as late in the afternoon as possible. This is to ensure less people will be there. With that being said, if low tide is not in the morning or late afternoon, you should consider going on a different day otherwise be prepared to share this place with a lot of other people. Day tours typically take this place over between 10am and 3pm. To see Angel Billabong Nusa Penida at it’s best, you must visit at low tide.

Nusa Penida Tips & Suggestions

Pack Accordingly: The weather in Nusa Penida is unpredictable. It can quickly change from blue sky’s to pouring even in the dry season.
Rent a Motorbike: The best way to travel Nusa Penida is undoubtedly by motorbike. This way you can check out all of the sights at your own pace. Renting a motorbike in Nusa Penida typically costs around IDR 50k/$3.28 USD per day.
Bring Snacks: Grab some snacks and water in Toya Pakeh, there are also various shops around selling some stuff.
Ask for Help: The locals on Nusa Penida are very accommodating, So don’t be scared to ask for help!
Get a Sim Card: I’d recommend Telksomel as the provider, you can find them all over Bali. You will have surprisingly good service all over Nusa Penida.
Use Maps.Me: This is an offline maps app that has helped me on countless occasions. If there’s no service during your trip you’ll still always have access to your maps and custom pins.

Is Nusa Penida worth visiting?

Absolutely! It was one of my highlights during my trip to Indonesia. I’d recommend staying a few nights to see all of the best places on this unique island! I’ve listed some below.

Massive cliff with beautiful beach below kelingking.
Kelingking Beach

Nearby Sights & Tourist Spots

Angels Billabong is on Nusa Penida, so there’s endless epic spots to check out! The closest place to Angel Billabong Nusa Penida is Broken Beach, it’s actually just a little bit further up the trail! Along with the beautiful beach below, you can spot manta rays from the cliff. Also nearby is the famous Kelingking beach, the best beach Nusa Penida has to offer, possibly the best in the world.

Broken beach with cliffs and greenery.
Broken Beach
Manta rays swimming in ocean.
Manta Rays at Angel Billabong

Between the ferry port and Angels Billabong, you can swing by Crystal Bay to watch an epic sunset and have a beer. Whereas if you want to visit the east side of Nusa Penida, be sure to check out Diamond Beach and the Thousand Islands Viewpoint.

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Final Thoughts About Angel Billabong Nusa Penida

Angel Billabong is a must-see destination in the Bali area. I hope this guide to the Angel Billabong Nusa Penida helps you during your Bali travels. If you have any questions about Nusa Penida or Bali in general, leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help! Check out my latest posts here and if you enjoyed this post please share it!

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